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#SWDchallenge | scatter plot

Last week FIFA 19 was released. For the #SWDchallenge I jumped into the stats of the 2018 version. Looking for the ‘hidden gems’. Potential wonderkids. Players who have the potential to become the stars of tomorrow.

First, 17,929 profiles of players were screened. The selection had been reduced to every single player in the range of 16-20 years. That are 3,255 players in total .
Then, the current rating of an individual player is plotted on the x-axis. The potential rating of a given player on the y-axis. Every dot is a single player. The size of the dot represents the growth margin. The bigger the dot the better a player could become. Finally the player are categorized by continent and prefered position on the pitch; goalkeeper, defender, midfielder or striker).


A link to the (static) .PDF can be found here:

fifa donker

The interactive version (external link to Tableau public) can be found here



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